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Getting Your Inventory Together & Organized

Okay, so you are set in your mind to have a garage sale. Now you have to get everything together and figure out what you are going to do with it. The first thing you will want to do is go through your whole house and gather everything you can sell. You will want to go through each room of your house, one by one finding everything you don't want anymore. It does not matter which order of your house you go in, just make sure you take your time and go through everything. This might take you a little longer if this is your first garage sale. You may want to start planning and gathering your inventory a couple weeks in advance or maybe even a month. You may choose to have small garage sales often or one big sale. The small garage sales are easier to manage and may make you even more money.

When gathering your items for sale make sure you have some heavy duty garbage bags, boxes and possibly storage containers with lids. You will also want to have marking pens, labels and tape. Don't worry about cleaning your stuff yet, you can do that later.

Once you have gathered your inventory for your sale you will want to find somewhere to store it all until you have your sale. If you have a basement, attic or garage you can find somewhere there to use as your garage sale storage area. If you want to have more than one sale, you should allocate a place in your house as the garage sales storage spot that you can run and put things when you decide you don't want it anymore. This will make it easier when having your next garage sale. If you have gathered too much stuff to store you might want to ask a friend or relative if you can store some of it there, maybe let them in on your sale too. If that doesn't work you could always look at renting storage space nearby. If it will cost more to store your items then you think you will make then you might want to plan your garage sale quickly to reduce your inventory so that you can keep the rest at your house with no costs.

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